And the last post of the year…


Ahem. It’s me again. Tail between my legs having not posted since, what, April? That’s horrendous. I apologize. Sometimes life gets in the way of keeping a blog up to date.

So – what’s been happening in the world of whangdoodleland? Well, what hasn’t! I’ve managed 34 flights this year – all but 7 on Ryanair. I love Ryanair. I can’t fault them for the value for money they offer. Once you get the whole ‘pack light’ thing down, it’s brilliant! Yes, my carbon footprint is huge. I’ll plant a tree or something.

I managed to finally get back to the US twice this year. Like buses – I haven’t been back in 9 years and suddenly two trips pop up at once. Relatively. I hit San Francisco, Los Gatos, San Jose, Detroit, Toronto, and all various places in between. I caught up with folks I haven’t seen in years and met new people all over the place as well. I will admit, I miss the US sometimes. Everywhere has it’s faults, but the opportunities that the US offers can sometimes outweigh its disadvantages.

Website-wise, I’ve set up a few new sites. Have a look at 21dots for more information on my band. Our first release is available on iTunes (and how weird is THAT to see myself on iTunes!).

I’m also focussing a lot on my publication design at the moment, have a look at for more info on that.

As for the whole ‘living in Spain’ thing. Still here. With the economic ‘crisis’ it’s been apparent that the bubble has burst over here. Of course, the Spanish government seems to be impersonating a ostrich with it’s burying the head in the sand approach. Although it would be nice to believe that the worst is over, I have my own doubts. I’m convinced that the European Summit that met earlier this year in London all got together and said ‘Hey – all this doom and gloom is getting us no where. No one is spending money! Let’s tell everyone the recession is over! And all will be better.’ So that’s what they did. Some people, more fools them, have even believed it.

With 2010 looming upon us (that’s an understatement, with it being New Year’s Day tomorrow and all), I’m hoping that this year brings more excitement and prosperity for all that deserve it. I could say I will make a resolution to keep this blog better updated, but we all know that won’t happen. Resolutions are usually broken. But in general, I’ll make an effort – it’s not like I’ve forgotten how to update it or anything…

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