Scuba diving!

A little bit of self-promotion here!
I just finished designing a site for a new scuba diving center in Cala Galdana in Menorca, Blue Islands Diving. They are offering all sorts of scuba diving holidays, courses, holidays and even snorkeling in a beautiful part of Menorca. Check them out! Makes me want to go scuba diving… or at least to Menorca! Apparently, they do a Discover Scuba course for beginners.. maybe I should work out a trade, eh?

We went on holiday once to Mallorca, just for a long weekend. It was a few years ago now, and we went sort of to celebrate Steve’s birthday (which is tomorrow, actually!). We ended up flying back with our cat, Inca, a Burmilla rescue cat from the town of Inca (funnily enough…). I would love to go back – having done even more research into the islands. Like I found out there’s a Garlic and Shots restaurant in Palma. Seeing as Garlic and Shots is one of my favourite bars/restaurants in Soho, London. I try to get there as often as possible, if not for a meal, then at least to sample one of their 101 shots in the bar downstairs.

We stayed in Alcudia, in an aparthotel sort of thing in the modern bit. But we had a car so didn’t stick around. It was in the off season so it was a cheap weekend break through I think that might have been the last ‘proper holiday’ we’ve had and it was at least 3 years ago. Time to go somewhere again, I think!

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