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New Year's Day in Estartit

Happy New Year! (Shot of L’Estartit on New Year’s Day above.)

And here I am again – delayed with the posting as usual!

I’ve been busy with creating a few websites actually – including one for some friends running a scuba diving centre in Menorca called Blue Islands Diving. Makes me want to try scuba diving, which I’ve never ever done. Or even snorkling! I can’t believe I live 7 kilometres from the beautiful Medes Islands and L’Estartit – a haven for scuba divers – and I’ve never even ventured out. Must remedy that sometime soon.

In other news, The Spurts have a gig going in February at the Dirty Water club in North London. That should be a good laugh. It used to be an old haunt of ours when we lived in Holloway so it’ll be quite fun to actually perform there! 2009 looks like it’ll be a fun year for music and stuff, so looking forward to that.

We’ve been to a few gigs in the past couple of weeks.

Al and the Black Cats In December, we saw the fabulous Al and the Black Cats in Barcelona. Those guys are awesome. If you get a chance to see them, go! The energy these young guys put into their concert really got the crowd going. And they are from Michigan, USA – which obviously breeds a lot of talented musicians – our friends Choking Susan are also from Michigan. Is it something in the water out there? I’ve put up a few videos of Al and the Black Cats as well over at google video so have a look but make sure to go see them in concert sometime. Apparently they are always on the road.

We also went to Barcelona to watch the Atomic Leopards. But we missed them. And here comes my little moan to spanish promoters: PROMOTE! I mean, the poster for the concert which Ste only happened to come across on myspace said 10pm. So, having learned our lesson countless times before about showing up at a gig too early here in Spain (usually anytime before midnight…), we aimed to get there for 11pm. But then we got lost. (Note to self: buy GPS system!) So when we finally walked into the Big Bang Bar in Barcelona we were a bit surprised to find a packed bar but no band. We asked the DJ where the band was and he replied, “Oh – they played at 9pm. The doors opened at 8. They finished around 10pm and left.” How very un-spanish. What the hell is going on!?

Hollywood SinnersA few days later we went to Macanet de la Selva with slight intrepidation to see the Hollywood Sinners. Luckily, the town isn’t quite as far away as Barcelona so we ventured out for about 11pm. The band started around 12:30 – like they should here in Spain! Great band with a wild performance… well, at least the audience was rather wild. More pictures over at my flickr page of course!

Other stuff? Well, I’m still learning how to play double bass although it tears up my fingers something rotten until I get some softer strings. I’ve even been heard singing on a few tunes with our other band. (Ahem.) I still haven’t brought myself to get a new MacBook Pro although with the current exchange rate as it is, it’s actually a lot cheaper to buy it in the UK than in Spain. Never thought that would happen.

Sign on UndergroundI have no comment on the current ‘credit crunch’ – except it was clear it was going to happen and why the heck didn’t all the builders ’round here realize that? The amount of empty flats and houses for sale is incredible. The lot next door to us is now a muddy swamp. It’s been 2 years since they knocked those houses down and I’ll bet the builder is kicking himself… As a note to that previous post from 2 years ago – yes, the mayor was voted out as predicted.

And I leave you with this picture, which I took while on the London Underground a few weeks ago. I like the fact that, according to the sign, the British Transport Police will be sending out helicopters to arrest vandalisers. On the Tube. Underground. I had half a mind to spray paint graffiti just to see a helicopter arrive on the Circle line.

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