Still here – honest!

It’s been far too long since I’ve updated this site. I have tons of excuses for this.

Let’s see:

April: The Spurts played in Brighton.

May: We went to the Screamin’ Festival in Pineda de Mar for a long weekend.

June: I went to the Rockabilly Rave in Camber Sands and had a blast. Don’t ask me what bands played though.
Later that month, Ste and I went to the Psychobilly Festival in Pineda de Mar. But just for 1 night to see the Long Tall Texans play and a few other bands. That was enough – we’d never have survived longer!

July: We kidnapped Theo from the LTT and held him and the rest of the entourage hostage at our house and The Spurts played at local Mariscal Club in Estartit. There were no complaints. About the gig OR the kidnapping, actually. There was a lot of sun, wine, beer, debauchery, late nights, early mornings (Suvi!!), hangovers and sunburns. It was exhausting, of course, but we can’t wait until they come back. Gluttons for punishment some might say.

Sex Panther and the Bass

August: The fabulous Choking Susan showed up at our house to invade for an evening. They played at Mariscal in Estartit as well, supported by Viki Vortex and the Cumshots’ debut gig. It was a good night, and morning. Our neighbours even mentioned how happy we sounded at 6 in the morning out on the terrace. But in a good way. Steve then hopped into their van and went to the Rebellion Punk Festival up in Blackpool. He survived and enjoyed it. Apparently Choking Susan didn’t complain either – at least not to him!
The Spurts at the 12 Bar Club, London

End of August: The Spurts played the 12 Bar Club in London. WaHEY! And then we hit Dingwalls (not to play, that is) and loved it, catching up with a lot of old friends and new ones. Yes, that was exhausting as well.

September: We hit High Rockabilly in Calafell for the afternoon. Notice our weekends away get shorter and shorter. Phew.

October: More quite than previous months. Although I managed to see the Long Tall Texans at Bar Monsta in Camden, The Hotknives at the Buffalo Bar, and I’m sure there were a few other bands that weekend as well. It was a tough weekend. Went to a friend’s surprise party as well, which WAS a total surprise to her. Hah! Love that.

Not quite sure....November: Was supposed to go to the Speedfreaks Ball but it was cancelled! So a psychobilly all-dayer was organized in Brighton so we went over to the UK anyway. We also had a rehearsal with The Spurts with Theo again. Had a brilliant weekend shopping, seeing bands, catching up, relaxing, etc. At the end of the month Ste and I went down to Barcelona for a night. And it was bloody expensive! What happened!? We had a good time in the end, but it was very quiet… relatively.

December: And here we are in December. Who knows what we have planned! But I will try to update this site more often from now on. But my excuses are pretty good, no?

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