Rockin’ Race Jamboree in Torremolinos

Rockin' Race Jamboreeeeeee!Flew to Malaga last weekend for a rockabilly music festival. This is the furthest south in Spain I’ve ever been and I have to say – boy, am I glad I live in Catalunya.

I’m sure the Costa del Sol has something going for it. Admittedly, I was there for the music, the party and the friends. I certainly wasn’t there to sight-see, or dine in fine restaurants, or hang out on the beach. (Thank god! I would have been sadly disappointed!) But I have to wonder about the masses of people who WERE there, in February, on their 1 or 2 week holiday at some all-inclusive hotel with nightly entertainment. It was busy – and not just with people there for the festival. But I’m digressing. Clearly, the food in Catalunya is much better. I mean, we’ve got El Bulli, it HAS to be good! But, even in the tourist centres of L’Estartit and Lloret del Mar, you can find a decent, local menu del dia or whatnot. But down in Torremolinos? We were hard-pressed to find anything other than chinese restaurants, pizza joints and burger bars. The place appears to have lost its identity in pursuit of the tourist, which I find rather sad. The town is made up of apartment blocks, hotels and badly designed shops all in horrid 60s buildings. Perhaps we missed the ‘old town’ or something, but as far as I could see, from the taxi rides and walking, there wasn’t one!

Rockin' Race Jamboreeeeeee!Anyway, so what? We went down to the Rockin’ Race Jamboree for the first time and had a blast. I saw Bill Haley’s Comets (who put on a fantastic show – they’re drummer is 84, y’know..), also saw them outside singing at the hotel as well on monday morning while waiting for at taxi to the airport – which was a bonus. Barrence Whitfield put on a great show as did all the other bands, I’m sure. Although I wasn’t paying much attention – sorry. The Space Cadets did a fabulous show at about 4 in the morning on saturday night/sunday morning – and I got some brilliant pics, finally.. but, in general, I was too busy having fun to bother taking out my camera to snap photos. I wish someone would invent a camera that automatically took pics from my handbag or something. Because I just can’t be arsed.

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