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L'Escala - Christmas Eve 2008

And a Happy New Year and the like to all of you! The above pic taken on Christmas Eve in L’Escala. I just love the view of the sea and beaches of L’Escala with the snow-capped Pyrenees in the background.

December was clearly a busy month. We nipped over to the UK at the beginning as I’d booked flights to Bournemouth for a total cost of 4 cents a few months back. I reasoned that if we didn’t go, it was only 4 cents lost so I’d booked them. Of course, we went, and spent far too much money – as you do at Christmas time in the UK! Ah well. The Spurts had a brilliant rehearsal, with Theo from the Long Tall Texans filling in on drums. Consequently, each song was about half the length of normal and we all collapsed at the end from playing so fast. Oh, all right, we didn’t – we just went to the pub.

Tate ModernWhile in the UK, I managed to get over to the Tate Modern to see the Louise Bourgeois exhibition. I have mixed feelings about the Tate Modern, I have to admit. On one hand, I love the exhibitions and going to galleries and losing myself in amongst the art is a favourite thing to do on a sunday afternoon. But the cynical part of me wants to scream ‘But this is art??’.

The big crack by Colombian artist Doris Salcedo, entitled Shibboleth, in the Turbine hall, although impressive to see, was just that, a giant crack. Perhaps I’m cynical, having lived in earthquake-prone California, and a crack in the floor of a big building is merely a sign that the building wasn’t earthquake-proofed? But had I known at the time (and perhaps I just missed the information – likely), that Shibboleth is a word from the Old Testament that means, basically, to separate one from another, then perhaps I would have had a different reaction. According to the artist, the crack represents ‘the gap between humanity and inhumanity – a bottomless division.’ Now it makes sense.

Tate ModernBefore reading this article, I was unsure whether the statement the ‘art’ was making was the actual crack, or the fact that so many people seemed fascinated by it. Saying all that – sometimes art can be reduced to a clever copywriter – create something rather mundane, but then entitle it with a fancy name and attribute some deeper meaning, and you have an exhibit. Without the description and ‘meaning’, you just have an artist’s dropcloth or a big crack in the floor.

In music news.. (hehe), we saw The Educators play at Bar Tramit in La Bisbal which was a highly entertaining show. They put on a great show and if you ever have the chance to see them perform, go!

We went down to El Moli in La Roca des Valles to see a couple punk bands play on Boxing Day, The Leftovers from Portland, Maine and the Accelerators from Rotterdamn.

We also finally made it to Mariscal’s rock bar in Estartit. FIVE years we’ve lived here and this was the first time we’ve been – to see an AC/DC cover band called Highway to Hell from Barcelona, no less! It’s a great bar, reminds me of an american rock bar, which is always nice (to me!). So I can imagine we’ll be heading down there more often. I just wish they would update their website with dates more often as we usually find the posters in town the day after some brilliant band has played. Typical.

Tonight we are planning on seeing The Rock n Roll Brothers in Verges. They played at Torroella’s Festa Major last year and put on a brilliant show as well. WooHOO!

And I leave you with this picture… who knew that you can now purchase tickets for future travel at Euston Station, eh? That’s progress!!

Future travel is finally possible!

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