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Still here – honest!

It’s been far too long since I’ve updated this site. I have tons of excuses for this. Let’s see: April: The Spurts played in Brighton. May: We went to the Screamin’ Festival in Pineda de Mar for a long weekend. June: I went to the Rockabilly Rave in Camber Sands and had a blast. Don’t […]

Rockin’ Race Jamboree in Torremolinos

Flew to Malaga last weekend for a rockabilly music festival. This is the furthest south in Spain I’ve ever been and I have to say – boy, am I glad I live in Catalunya. I’m sure the Costa del Sol has something going for it. Admittedly, I was there for the music, the party and […]

Brighton, Gigs and Holidaze

And a Happy New Year and the like to all of you! The above pic taken on Christmas Eve in L’Escala. I just love the view of the sea and beaches of L’Escala with the snow-capped Pyrenees in the background. December was clearly a busy month. We nipped over to the UK at the beginning […]

I went to Newcastle!

Darn those cheap Ryanair flights. What a great city. But, would you believe, I was in Newcastle for 3 days and didn’t step into a pub – nor did any beer pass my lips. How weird is -that-? I’ll have to go back. A few more pics at flickr.

Funny comics

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