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Spanish paperwork and bureaucracy

So I took the Honda NTV for it’s ITV last week. This was the second ITV since importing it about 4 years ago. Which, inevitably, I wrote about somewhere at sometime. A little background: We got the NTV from a friend in the UK when we lived there. He had bought it as an import […]

Hotrods and rock n roll

Friday: See rock band, Rockzilla, at our local bar. Saturday: Drive to Balaguer near Lledia (about 320 kilometres) to go to Riverside Crazy Car Hop. (Lousy website!) See neat cars, cool motorbikes, The Longboards, The Barnstompers and Big Boy Bloater and his Southside Stompers. Sleep in car. Realize back seat of car is most uncomfortable […]

On the Road again…

“Just can’t wait to get on the road again…” Thanks to Moto Ferran of Torroella, Boyer Electronic Ignitions of England, Steve of Mr Brute Force the Mechanic fame, a few black q-ties and some black gaffer tape – my XS650 is back on the road! Just in time to pass the ITV this month (I […]