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Radio Silence

Happy New Year! (Shot of L’Estartit on New Year’s Day above.) And here I am again – delayed with the posting as usual! I’ve been busy with creating a few websites actually – including one for some friends running a scuba diving centre in Menorca called Blue Islands Diving. Makes me want to try scuba […]

Funny comics

For more: go to More good web comics: The Perry Bible Fellowship

L’Avenc, Bath Rooms and a bit of Geek Speak

Oops. It’s been a while since updating, hasn’t it? I was hoping to post here that we won El Gordo (Sorteig de nadal) on the 22nd of December but no such luck. We did win a li’l bit with the countless tickets I had, and, even more pleasing, is that I -think- I figured out […]

On a completely random and unrelated to Spain note…

Was reading one of my favourite magazines the other day and came across this item. Combining the latest technology of a bluetooth enabled mobile phone, sms text messages and a vibrator, The Toy creates, I guess, the ultimate latest Must Have in phone sex, if you’re into that sorta thing. I love technology. And I […]

Moving right along, technically speaking…

A new look! This blog has gone through 3 various stages in the 3 years I’ve been writing it. First, it was a regular website called The Great Escape. Then, I discovered iBlog by Lifli Software (free thanks to .Mac from Apple). Now, I’ve finally discovered WordPress. It’s taken me all day to amend the […]