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No really.

I did forget how to update. Ahem.

And the last post of the year…

Ahem. It’s me again. Tail between my legs having not posted since, what, April? That’s horrendous. I apologize. Sometimes life gets in the way of keeping a blog up to date. So – what’s been happening in the world of whangdoodleland? Well, what hasn’t! I’ve managed 34 flights this year – all but 7 on […]

On apathy and insurance!

This blog has deviated quite a bit from the ‘living in Spain’ it started out to be. Because at some point in the adventure, living in Spain is just a location. And the adventure would continue no matter what country I lived in. But every now and then, I want to mention something about the […]

Radio Silence

Happy New Year! (Shot of L’Estartit on New Year’s Day above.) And here I am again – delayed with the posting as usual! I’ve been busy with creating a few websites actually – including one for some friends running a scuba diving centre in Menorca called Blue Islands Diving. Makes me want to try scuba […]

Still here – honest!

It’s been far too long since I’ve updated this site. I have tons of excuses for this. Let’s see: April: The Spurts played in Brighton. May: We went to the Screamin’ Festival in Pineda de Mar for a long weekend. June: I went to the Rockabilly Rave in Camber Sands and had a blast. Don’t […]